“Liz offers the truly special ability to bridge business development and city regulatory interests.  She understands the priorities driving business decisions just as well as she knows the requirements of responsible city governance.  Time and again, I’ve relied on Liz’s skills and expertise to help guide local business expansion projects through Boulder’s regulations and review processes.  Liz’s professional expertise, and her engaging interpersonal style, produce remarkable results.”

– Clif Harald, Executive Director, Boulder Economic Council

“I’ve worked closely with Liz for many years – in her role with the city, she’s been a driver of Boulder’s innovation economy and has shepherded Boulder through significant and challenging times. Her insight and expertise is unmatched, as is her connection with the spirit of her community. And, personally, Liz is just a joy to work with on projects of all kinds.

– Scott Green, business leader

“It has been my pleasure to work alongside Liz since I first got to know her years ago, as we were both, in different capacities, helping to make the Twenty Ninth Street center a reality. Then after a landslide destroyed my 6000 sq. ft. office building during the 2013 Boulder flood, her experience and skills were invaluable to me as a small businessperson. She deftly navigated her way through the city regulatory maze, creatively ensuring that deadlines were extended for me and other victims of the flood, allowing me to rebuild my building despite lapsed city deadlines. She said she would do what she could to help–and she delivered, big time.”

– Bob Drake, Drake Research & Strategy

“Idea Engine has been thrilled to have worked with Liz Hanson on both the 2014 and 2015 Canadian Urban Manufacturing Summits, both as a panelist and a Keynote Presenter. Well spoken, affable and amusing, Liz provided clear expert analysis on how cities can attract and retain manufacturers to an international audience of economic developers and manufacturers.  She has been a huge supporter of our events, and worked with our team to help develop an agenda that would be relevant to economic developers around the world.  Her expertise and deep knowledge of economic issues would be a valuable asset to any event looking to improve best practices of economic development.”

-Terrence Sooley, Managing Director, Idea Engine

“Getting etown Hall launched and built was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever been involved with. With a long list of non-conforming aspects to the building, I had to navigate the complex world of approvals, permits and financing. What I found, with Liz’s help, is that a good idea with real community benefit doesn’t mean much unless the story can be heard by the right people. Liz not only knew who the right people were, but she helped me understand how the process worked from start to finish. I was able to craft my narrative and present my concept in such a way that it was ultimately successful. eTown Hall very likely wouldn’t be here if not for Liz Hanson.”

– Nick Forster, Host and Founder of eTown